Sunday, September 30, 2007

use blogs to enhance educational experiences

Here are some thoughts that I recently shared with my 11th grade bloggers who use our class blog to post reading response homework:
  1. Review your blogs and read some others when studying for your test. Check out these excellent ones: elzig, cwick27, cdesilets.
  2. Read and comment on other people's blogs before class: you'll have more ideas percolating in your brain and widen your perspective of the reading. Think of this as getting a head start before the class discussion.
  3. Add to your own blog entries later when you understanding is more solid. Think of this as a work in progress-your ideas and understanding that is! Don't think of this as a homework check grade, but as a place to build and solidify your ideas.
  4. Practice good writing: Write good blogs and follow the rules of grammar and punctuation. Practice makes perfect. Don't reserve your skills for the big paper (game) only!
  5. Got other ideas about ways to use this blog? Email me anytime.

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