Friday, September 7, 2007

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Next week the juniors will use to create a class vocabulary list online. This is an easy to use tool that can help my students not just collect information, but find new ways to share it with others. Ultimately, it's not important how they share it in our classroom (we could just pass around a piece of paper and add to it). It's important that they become flexible enough to learn a new application, quickly, and learn to share it with say someone in Japan.
Sophomores and juniors will use to check for original ideas in their first drafts and to peer review each other's papers.
The sophomores will also use an online graphic organizer to collect ideas for their first drafts.
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Omar said...

It might also be worth looking at Its an excellent tool for student to structure their notes and thoughts and use it to collaborate simultaneously with other students. The platform and structure of comapping is a bit more intuitive then other tools.