Monday, September 3, 2007

great first week

The tenth graders are off and running with great first week discussions of H. G. Wells's The Time Machine. We have been considering Wells's view of human nature and came to some solid conclusions. He obviously sees both positive and negative aspects in humankind. The Morlocks's preying on the Eloi and the Eloi's lack of curiosity and care for others are clear criticisms. Finding the positive characteristics of humanity became a little tougher. We had to look more closely at the Time Traveller himself and his peers. What did they value? How did he judge the future humans?
Now, it's time to consider the "machine" aspect of the story. Wells's commentary uses a fictional technology to project future problems in the development or de-evolution of humanity. As we have seen in our previous discussions, Wells is criticizing his post-Industrial Revolution society. Changes in manufacturing technologies changed the social order and the relationship between classes. Wells predicts how these changes and divisions could lead to two separate species of human, and neither enviable.
How do our current technologies influence who we are and who we are becoming? Are the changes in our society creating a new social order? What are the benefits and the disadvantages. This week we will begin to examine ourselves and our individual relationships with current technologies to see how we can affect the future of our human race in positive ways.


Susan Carter said...

Jennifer, I love the broad questions you are asking as they relate to technology and society. I can't wait to see what your students say.

J. Clark Evans said...

Me, too. Thanks for your comments. You're the only one leaving comments, though. How do I get more people to do that???