Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a tech survey

I recently surveyed my juniors on their impressions of the integration of technology tools, especially Web 2.0 tools, into their American Literature class. Here are the results.
In response to questions about using a class blog (21publish) to complete nightly reading logs, students report:
  • 93% that they completed their homework on time
  • 96% that they completed their homework in the suggested order (read on their own, write their impressions, then read others' blogs if desired)
  • 60% that they read classmates' blogs outside of class time

This class blog program allows students to create their own blog page and have access to the work of their classmates.

My online resources:

  • 86% have accessed my blog
  • 73% have accessed my wikispace
  • 33% used librarything outside of class time

In terms of using librarything as a source of information or entertainment:

  • 20% report that it was enriching
  • 66% report that it was fun
  • 3% report that it was cumbersome

General comments about using the class blog to complete homework assignments or using technology in the classroom in general:

  • a sampling of adjectives students used to describe their use of technology in the classroom: cool, fun, easy, useful, interesting, convenient, refreshing
  • "very good idea. Good educational twist on an Internet pastime."
  • "I like it...[this] is actually one of the few classes this year I even bring a laptop too."
  • "I definitely think the class blog helped with understanding the material. It was a good way to express your thoughts but then be able to see what other people thought and how your opinions differed."
  • "I think it's easier to complete homework online because it takes place in a teenager's natural environment: the Internet."
  • "I find that technology facilitates work and turning in assignments."
  • "...whether or not teachers realize it, computers do help a lot."
  • "life without the laptop would be weird."

Here are all of the negative comments I received about the use of technology from my 30 students:

  • "I think it's a little overboard, but I guess that's the future."
  • "Having information on three different websites...makes it kind of annoying to have to remember which is on which and keep track of it all."
  • "Difficult to get a hold of but after that, good."
  • "It took a little while to get used to, but I really like it and think it helps."

My predictions of their use and my intentions for their use match what they have reported themselves. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas.

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