Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pecha Kucha

I discovered this from David Warlick's "2 Cents Worth" blog. The concept is to limit presentation to 20 slides, each shown 20 seconds. Questions for the presenter are saved for the end of the presentation. I'd like to find a time to use this technique with my students to help them organize their presentations and time their comments to fit with their images. I see a reverse benefit in having the presentation pre-timed-they can't go too quickly. They have to speak for 20 seconds on each slide. I think also limiting or banning words from the actual slides would also be useful in teaching them to talk about what they know, as opposed to read the slide to the class. Of course, they probably wouldn't need 20 slides so I'd lower that number. I'll write more when I use this and how it went with the students.

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