Friday, January 30, 2009

Keeping up with the Blogs

I want blogging to be more meaningful to my students and mostly I struggle with helping them get connected to a wider audience. Here is a student who "gets it" and I want to promote her work and encourage you all to post a comment to encourage her:
"However Mrs.Blashford totally changed my interest – after doing activities, projects, BLOGS, discussions I really became more involved. She is the person who got me in love with blogging! I have never been so into this. I’m not doing it because my teacher is forcing me to – otherwise I wouldn’t be replying to comments and posting extra posts. I do it because it’s a great way to reflect and see other people’s thoughts and opinions….it gets my mind thinking – as with others I see! I am constantly checking to see if new people are commenting on my posts – it’s like opening a present! If I could I would do this all day."

And, kudos to Mrs. Blashford for creating a classroom that allows her students to discover their passions! Here latest endeavor.