Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm reading David Warlick's blog about a conference he gave for first year teachers for whom he predicts "a renaissance during their career. The profession that they retire from will have almost nothing in common with that which they are beginning — and teaching will be the most exciting job on the planet." Even though these beginning teachers didn't get adequate training in using the web in their classroom he is confident that it's OK "as long as doing it, taking part in this conversation, becomes part of teaching." This is conforting to me as a seasoned teacher trying to piece together my own self education. I have most enjoyed taking part in this online conversation-reading, joining SNs like classroom20.ning, and writing my own blog. I was overwhelmed at first but the plethora of information "got there", but am feeling much more comfortable now that I have started to interact with the ideas and use them for myself.

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test said...

Hi Jennifer,
This is great! I love that you are so reflective in your search for finding meaning in the use of technology. I am so impressed with how far you have come!
I agree that trying to do too much is overwhelming. I am thinking of dropping the ning site in favor of this wiki:
Please visit and help me work on a vision statement!!