Saturday, August 18, 2007

Senior Exhibit

The Senior Exhibit is a year and a half long independent study during which students learn, apply, and prepare a written document on a topic of their own choosing, then present it to a panel of teachers at the end of their senior year. This begins in their junior year when they pick a faculty member to mentor them. As part of the requirements, students have to keep a reflective journal throughout the process.
Though they started their journals in the spring, I'd like to see my seniors start a blog about their experience. Though the journal is personal and records the ups and downs, especially the downs, I see a blog as beneficial on several levels. First, it could be a more fun way of keeping up with the journal assignment, something a little more public could keep them on their toes with deadlines. Also, they could potentially read each other's blogs which could be encouraging to them as they see each other going through similar frustrations and struggles with time management, organization, and planning for the final application. Finally, they could include links to external research or resources in the blog in an easier format than in a written journal.
I think I'll have my three seniors write a blog but keep it private between the four of us. Then maybe in the spring it can become public for the final benefit-to help the juniors get an idea of what it's all about.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you say this because I've made a change to journals this year and after talking with Susanne, it's very close to what you're doing! I'm going to have them do bi-weekly journals solely on laptops. They will each have a folder in the Senior Exhibit folder on the student share server and they will have to save their journal entries to that folder every two weeks! This way, they can no longer get away with putting it off until december and cramming in bad journal entries. I'm not quite familiar and comfortable with blogging but it seems to be the same idea! Thank you :)