Sunday, June 28, 2009

National Conversation on Writing

Just submitted this video that I made with my sophomores this past year to the National Conversation on Writing project. We made it at the beginning of the school year, but I had trouble uploading it to You Tube or Teacher Tube. Just tried Vimeo with great success. Guess I'll be using that for my video projects in the future.


gb said...

This is now featured in NCoW's new "Spotlight On" section. See our new web address, too:

The link to Fredericksburg is

gb said...


If you will write up more information about this assignment / project, perhaps to help other teachers and to reflect on what you'll do next time, I'll add it to your spotlight section. Thanks,

J. Clark Evans said...

Last summer I stumbled across the website for NCoW and thought it would be a good quick project to start the school year. My sophomores make two videos during their study of British Literature throughout the year. One about Beowulf and one about Macbeth. Starting the year with a quick class video was a small introduction their later work. I also liked the idea that they think about themselves as writers and that they think about what writing meant to them before we got down to any big writing assignments.

For the project, my students watched part of the introductory video then were asked to select one object that represented writing to them. I also asked them to write one sentence about what writing meant to them. Outside of class I met with students to videotape them with their object and reading their statement about writing. It was a fun way to meet with each student and have them contribute to something important as a class.

I had some technical difficulties getting it together and published on the site, but this year it should go more smoothly. I'm also teaching the same students again this year now that they are juniors so I think I'll start the year showing them the video that we made last fall for fun and to see how much they have changed from last year.

Rhonda said...

I enjoyed this video Ms. Clark-Evans. Thank you for capturing their sophmore writing experiences:)