Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Resolve

I'm reviewing my most commonly used sites and prioritizing so that I can be more active. Of course, doing anything online I stumble across five new things that I want to join!
Here are my priorities:
  • International PLP NING with Will Richardson & Sheryl Nussbaum
  • my blog
  • twitter
I'm also thinking of
  • returning to
  • joining
  • submitting lesson plans to
  • developing a webpage for my school's literary magazine
I'm interested in thinking and learning more about using assessments to inspire creativity. Some recent conversations with non-teachers have been very enlightening. It's so important not only to remember that my students learn differently than I do/did. When talking with other adults about their school experience, I get so much insight about how I might help my own students now.
In "Measuring Skills for the 21st Century" by Elena Silva on , she states
the skills that really matter for the 21st century—the ability to think creatively and to evaluate and analyze information—
I want to keep this in the forefront as I continue to develop my plans for this new semester.

Happy New Year and leave me a comment!

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jennylu said...

I'll be seeing you on that International PLP ning. Perhaps we'll be able to link our classes in some way. That would be fun- I'd like to see some collaboration across the waves.

Jenny Luca