Sunday, September 28, 2008

stories worth telling

This is an amazing story about parents, mothers, daughters, and how to tell a good story.


Lauren said...

This is an impressive site. It's amazing how different it is for teachers now then when I was in high school (1965-1969)! The children today will not appreciate how much better their learning experience is until they start applying their knowledge in the real world. One day they will pause and remember teachers like you, Jennifer, and realize how much more ahead they are because of you.I was fortunate to have a private education and so our your students, but not all the teachers who teach in private schools are as innovative and genuine in their love of learning. Kudos.

J. Clark Evans said...

I used this video in my British Literature classes today. They are about to begin a project on their reading of Beowulf. They will work in small groups to retell a portion of the poem in 21st century style using Movie Maker. Today we had a great discussion of good storytelling techniques after viewing this TED video. Hopefully now they are really thinking about being the scop and telling a meaningful story to their modern audience. Thanks, Lauren.