Wednesday, July 30, 2008

choice reading for Brit Lit

I'm working on a new assignment for my 10th grade British Literature class. I'd like them to read a choice novel and learn a bit about British history. My idea is to have them choose an historical fiction novel to read then research some of the historical details to compare them to the presentation in the book. Finally, they will write a review of the book. If anyone has any ideas of good book choices or collaboration ideas, please let me know.


Jim G said...

While it may not be what you are looking for, I've always found Thomas Merton's "No Man Is an Island" a rich source of food for future discussions.

Susanne Nobles said...

I wish _Atonement_ did not have THAT word in it because it has such great connections to _Regeneration_. It is not quite as historical as we had talked about, but it might be worth finding some books about that historical time to explore the class structure and importance in Britain? Here is a search from Barnes and Noble that might help for older eras: Look forward to hearing what you choose!

skip zalneraitis said...

Tracking the action of a historical novel could be done on a Google map with pins and tags.
How about a Google map locating the birth places of all the authors read by the class.