Sunday, January 27, 2008

wiki for research

My 11th graders complete a research project this marking period. I am thinking of having them organize and collect all of their notes on their own wiki space. I can link all of the pages together so that I have access to their work for checks and feedback. It could also be an interesting way for them to organize and keep track of the progress of their research. In terms of teaching the research process, instead of notecards they would have separate pages for each source. I'm thinking that they would write the paper on a wiki page also. Using two screens (or more) to translate their research notes into their own text. I'm going to keep thinking about this and work out an example on my wiki.


David said...

I teach tenth grade English and have a rather open-ended creative type of research project this semester. I'm sure my students, my department, and I would all be interested in seeing what you can come up with. Or maybe we can catch up and share our results.

J. Clark Evans said...

Great. I'm planning to set this up by mid Feb.

J. Clark Evans said...

Students will start work on their research this Friday.