Friday, March 13, 2009

Sophomore Romanticism Presentations 2009

Eric, Elizabeth, Rachel:

Maya, Jess, Ty, Josh:

Austen, Sofie, Tony, Lindsay:

Prescott, Paige, Cory, Nathan:

Margeaux, Kahlil, Megan:

Colleen, Emily, Tyler, Maddie

Mrs. Clark Evans's sample presentation:


Hiram Cuevas said...


Looks like we are on the same page with respects to developing presentations.

The Shelley presentation caught my eye with its good use of graphics but also the use of comments. I had not considered using that as an option but I suspect the speaker used that format effectively!

Have you considered filming these presentations? Not my idea, but kudos to Alex Ragone for this one, so you could have the presentation as a visual example but the video could also model the other presentation skills.


Anonymous said...

Did you have students make these on regular powerpoint or the google docs version? (In other words, how did you get it to embed so nicely on your post? Maybe I haven't tinkered enough, but so far ppts always open in MS ppt through a link rather than being on my pages?

I think I will add this to my unit next year- thanks so much for sharing!!!

J. Clark Evans said...

Thanks, Mrsfollis2
Maybe next year we can collaborate. My students made their PPT in the Power Point program, then we uploaded them to From that site I could embed onto blogger.

Anonymous said...


Very cool. This makes me actually want to include powerpoints again... Thanks :)

OH- and I would love to collaborate anytime!